1. TOP 5 SUMMER TRACKS: Programming Director, Will Winston

    1. Lone -“Vengeance Video” 

    Deeply concerned with the musical narrative of Detroit, Lone’s latest record is full of versatile, standout tracks that indulge in the old-school sounds of Techno, House and Hip-Hop. “Reality Testing” is a superb hybrid of these influences, and continues the producer’s tradition of combining unique sounds and textures to create original, forward-thinking music. Track “Vengeance Video” is an excellent example of Lone’s approach, built up slowly by beach sounds and arpeggiated tropical synths, eventually joined by some warm, bouncy chords reminiscent of 90s House/Garage. Replete with those classy, trademark ride cymbal hits, this jacking, skittering beat creates a beautiful landscape that I must recommend to everyone.

    2. Submotion Orchestra - “2L84U”

    This seven piece live band immediately caught my attention when they released their debut LP “Finest Hour” in 2011, a follow up to their 2009 EP of the same name. A fresh perspective on the modern bass music revival (which, in America, is often stranger to its 90s UK Funky roots), Submotion Orchestra’s music occupies a beautiful gray area between the more organic genres of R&B, Funk, Soul and Jazz and the more electronic genres of Downtempo, 2-Step and Dubstep. Their output has been wonderfully consistent, and their most recent “2L84U” is a testament to this.

    3. Rick Wade - “Vintage” 

    Building his name as a DJ since the 1980s, Rick Wade established the record label Harmonie Park and began releasing his own music in the early to mid 1990s. To this day, he continues paying homage to the Deep House sounds of Detroit and New York, releasing cut after cut while never losing sight of his musical vision. On “Vintage,” Wade builds a deep groove with conga drums, warm keys, and a funky, chugging bassline. Tied together with a playful flute sample, this decidedly moody track is perfect for a night-time summer drive.

    4. Star Slinger - “IV/IV”

    “Never knowing my right foot from my left…”

    Star Slinger’s latest work is a four track ‘Diva Edits’ EP, each tune sampling a particular Black female vocalist—Anita Baker, Erykah Badu, Sade and Ella Fitzgerald, respectively. The final track, “IV/IV,”features Ella’s cover of Johnny Mathis’ 1959 “Misty” beautifully sliced up and draped over a slowed down, funky, swinging house beat. Star Slinger’s attention to detail and hankering for vintage samples continue to please on this free release—don’t sleep!

    5. Simic - “Villa Walk” (August 2014)

    Tacoma-grown, Seattle-based producer Simic has been making waves in the local scene as of late, crafting lush, atmospheric dance music and performing masterful live sets with an ever-growing collection of analog equipment. His latest tune is an absolutely gorgeous slow-burner. Likely inspired by a being from some sort of benevolent spiritual realm, Simic harnesses ethereal sounds and pulsing rhythms to create something very unique and exciting on “Villa Walk.” Follow him on Soundcloud or “like” his page on Facebook to stay up to date with new releases —“there’s some stuff you gon’ see…in the future.”

    P.S. Simic is a KUPS alumnus and a former Programming Director!! 

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  2. TOP 5 SUMMER TRACKS: Specialty Music Director, Daryl Auguste

    1. Chingy - One Call Away (2004) 
    When this song came out I was a tender little 5th grader, a newly minted 11 year old with little to no experience with the opposite sex. Because of this I had trouble grasping the overarching concepts of R&B Artist Chingy’s magnum Opus, “One Call Away”. Commitment despite the shade from your homies, candlelight dinners by dark, and see through thongs were all awesome, admirable things I had no knowledge of at the age of 11. It didn’t prevent the song from staying engrained in my head from first listen. The sexy guitar, Chingy’s weirdly charismatic drawl, THE CHORUS…all elements that conjure up the finest moments of being a 5th grader. I highly recommend watching the accompanying video music. I won’t spoil it for you, but lovers of du-rags and basketball will not be disappointed. Watching it now I can only plot to buy a du-rag of my own, and wish that I had never quit basketball as a kid.

    2. FKA Twigs - "Pendulum" (August 2014) 
    "So lonely trying to be yours, when you’re looking for so much more", FKA Twigs (born Tahliah Debrett Barnett) coos on "Pendulum", the second sponge tingling single off her debut album LP1. Released a week ahead of the albums August 6th release, "Pendulum" is a near operatic opus of lushly orchestrated longing, with Barnett’s smoky croon nearly begging a response from her shadowy lover. Set to a wailing wall of crashing guitars and industrial drums, Pendulum posses both a textural beauty and a raw urgency that solidified its place as one of my favorite tracks of the summer.

    3. Travi$ Scott - "Drugs You Should Try It" (August 2014) 
    Houston MC Travis Scott isn’t a rapper typically known for his story telling. In “Drugs You Should Try It”, Scott departs from his druggy bragadecio in favor of an even druggier love song. You can almost see the weed smoke seeping through the mournful Eagle’s-esque guitar that give Scott’s codeine laced longing a potent sexuality.

    Listen here!!

    4. Celia Cruz - La Vida Es Un Carnival (1997)
    One of the best songs ever. If they aren’t playing this song at your BBQs it is indisputably the wrong type of BBQ. A ridiculous amount of horns, Celia Cruz’s beautiful Cuban accent, and a call and response breakdown make this spicy Latin track the toast of BBQs worldwide. The music video is also incredible - an elderly Celia Cruz can be seen dancing with gusto to the thrill of a, equally entertaining Miami Beach crowd in the 80’s. Anyone can dance to this song competently, even you.

    5. Greaf - "A Better Place" (Jan 2014) 
    Not much is known about Greaf, the US producer largely responsible for creating an increasingly prevalent style of hip-hop production. The key is in Greaf’s choice of samples, largely rooted in acoustic, alternative, and emo music that bears very little cultural similarity to Hip-Hop. “A Better Place”, finds a series of robotic drums programmed to forlorn vocal samples - the Hip-Hop is in the drums, what makes Greaf unique is his use of sampling. The Rick Ross verse that occurs midway through indicates the massive potential of Greaf’s production style, which transforms Ross’s joyful boasts into something heavy and forlorn.

    Listen here!

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  3. TOP 5 SUMMER TRACKS: Business Director, Andrea Eaton

    1. Ryan Hemsworth, feat. Tinashe- “One for Me”

    So I’m really late on the Ryan Hemsworth bandwagon… so sue me! But this summer has been an enlightening experience as far as music goes on account of a summer housemate that I have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with, this is one amongst far too many new awesome artists he has introduced me to. This song while not new, off his 2013 album Guilt Trips, released a video this summer of Ryan being a lonely boy and being cute as hell. Typical.

    2. White Lung - “Just For You”  

    White Lung is possibly one of my favorite bands of the moment. A Vancouver BC punk band with a killer front woman, Mish Way released their new album this year. With that said this album is rich with each member of the band pulling some serious weight. Not only is the album exceptionally produced and executed, but also it has a depth that their other albums do not necessarily have. This album is getting the band a lot of recognition and rightfully so. Not to mention the first few copies of the records came with a zine made by the band!

     3. Tiger’s Jaw - “Cool” 

     Tiger’s Jaw an indie rock/emo band from Scranton Pennsylvania went on hiatus in 2013 coming back this June with Charmer with all original band members. The band has been described as “equal parts Fleetwood Mac and Brand New”. This album is very smooth and talented and while I only just discovered Tiger’s Jaw this summer, I’m glad I did.  

    4. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “Round & Round” 

    Another band that I am yet again late on the boat… This is a band that I was very adamantly against for a while for whatever reason but now I have gotten past my weird reasoning and can’t get enough of this song. And it has been very relevant in many situations this summer!

     5. Mariah Carey Feat. ODB - “Fantasy”



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  4. TOP 5 SUMMER TRACKS: Production Director, Jack McGougan

    We all know a summer can fit a whole lot more than 5 records. With that said, here are the five tracks I listened to the most the past few months that seemed to capture the feel of my summer.

    1. Samantha’s Vacation - Samantha’s Vacation (2013)

    Ideal for an afternoon bike ride in delirious heat. This track morphs from groove to groove using the simplest of building blocks. Dance music vibrating as fast as you are. 

    2. Vessel - Red Sex (2014)

    Wonderful, liberating sounds. Pitch-bent synthesizers and chugging industrial percussion. Ideal for roaming around discarded machinery.

    3. Stereolab - Brakhage (1997)

    Lovely. The intertwining vocals get me every time.

    4. Corpsemonger - The Sickness (1981)

    Speaks for itself. Restless.

    5. Haruomi Hosono - Bara To Yajyu (Rose & Beast) (1973)

    Ecstatic, funky record with songwriting that keeps you on your toes from a member of Japan’s Yellow Magic Orchestra. I have no idea what he is saying but I love it all the same.

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  5. TOP 5 SUMMER TRACKS: Assistant Programmer, Liam O’Mahony

    1. Fatima - “Biggest Joke Of All” Yellow Memories (Eglo Records)

    I first picked up Yellow Memories because I had seen Floating Points had production credits on a few of the tracks. Among those is my personal favorite Biggest Joke of All. Fatima’s sweetly sung vocals flow over an a electric piano and understated drum beat in a really nice way. This is one of those songs you can put on for just about anyone and they’ll be into it. 

    2. Napolian - “Is It Love?” Incursio 

    Amidst some serious competition Napolian’s new album Incursio currently ranks as my favorite LP of 2014.  The opening track “Is It Love?” showcases everything that makes the record so good. Moody synths sit perfectly over huge drums in a way that makes the track texturally rich while still sounding very open. If you haven’t checked out Incursio you’re missing out. 

    Listen Here! 

    3. LNRDCROY - “I Met You On BC Ferries” (1080p)

    I don’t know much about LNRDCROY other than that he’s from Vancouver and makes ridiculously dreamy music. This track is my favorite off his recent tape on 1080p. It’s very expansive but never boring, not the easiest combination to get right. If you’re into this the recent Khotin and ATM tapes on 1080p are probably going to be up your alley too.   

    4. Leon Vynehall - “Butterflies” (Clone/Royal Oak)

    Leon Vyenhall has always made great music but Butterflies is truly a masterclass in house production. I’ll let the track speak for itself. Expect to be hearing this one for a long time. 

    5. Jack J - “Looking Forward To You” (Mood Hut)

    Oh man, Mood Hut releases such good music. Jack J is one half of Pender Street Steppers, a duo that has been releasing some of my favorite tunes of late. There are too many things I like about this track to list. This is one of the most sensual house cuts I have heard in a long time and the rest of the EP is just as good. 

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  6. TOP 5 SUMMER TRACKS: General Manager, Chloe Ginnegar

    Vacation is nearly over and that means it’s time to start reflecting on the *~wild + weird~* times of summer 2014 (and its accompanying soundtrack). This count down is the first in a series of Top 5’s from yr fellow Core Staff members. We can’t wait to get back on air!

    1. Caribou - “Can’t Do Without You” Our Love

    This summer has been full of anticipated releases but none were more exciting than Dan Snaith’s announcement of a new album titled Our Love set to be released in October. He also released the album’s first single in July! From hearing the single, it seems that this will be just as good or better than anything from Andorra, Swim, or The Milk of Human Kindness. I am very excited to see him perform this weekend at fyffest and to catch his Daphni set as well. 

    2. Alex G. - “After Ur Gone” DSU

    No summer would be complete without yr fair share of heartbreak and this year was no exception. Luckily, Alex G. released a new album that has helped me navigate the treacherous terrain of love (ice cream?) lost + found. I was fortunate enough to catch Alex G. at the orchidtapes showcase alongside Elvis Depressedly, R.L. Kelly, Foxes in Fiction, Four Visions, and The Bilinda Butchers. 

    3. Japanther - “Yellow Lighter” Beets, Lime and Rice

    Something about Japanther makes sitting in Los Angeles traffic after a long day at the beach somehow enjoyable. While Japanther has come out with much more recent tracks, this album will forever remind me of home and it’s sometimes obscured magical moments — I’m looking at you PCH.

    4. The Fates - “Sheila/She Beats My Heart” Furia

    This summer, more than most, I have found myself longing to be back on air. In preparation for fall programming I have been discovering a lot of 70’s/80’s experimental music and came across the acid folk band The Fates. If you are in to this then be sure to check out my show this fall! 

    5. Spooky Black - “Without You” Black Silk

    My summer was mostly spent sweaty, hot, slightly dehydrated and a little sleepy. Spooky Black was the perfect accompaniment to lazy days/warm nights. It doesn’t hurt that he is super dreamy + that my family luvs him. 

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  7. Angel Olsen at Capitol Hill Block Party!


    In anticipation of CHBP (which is just two weeks away!) I am excited to say that we can’t wait to see lofi folk singer/songwriter Angel Olsen. Her most recent album Burn Your Fire for No Witness was on heavy rotation this spring, especially on my show “No Boys Allowed”! Her melodic and profoundly personal songs are both haunting and cleansing, especially evident on track "White Fire". Her debut album Half Way Home contains heavy hearted lamentations alongside odes to beautiful friendships. The personal nature of her work sometimes is unsettlingly revealing yet as a listener I am thankful for the ability to relate. 

    Olsen is sure to put on an amazing show at the main stage on Sunday, July 27th at 2:15pm. 

    To check out her website plz click here!

    To buy tickets to CHBP plz click here!

    Chloe Ginnegar, General Manager 

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  8. Stickers at Capitol Hill Block Party!


    The annual Capitol Hill Block Party is coming up on the weekend of July 25th through the 27th with a truly awesome lineup of bands and artists. One of these bands is the local band Stickers. Formed in Seattle in 2010, Stickers has been making noise punk and playing shows in the D-I-Y tradition ever since. Refusing to follow the mold of a standard rock band, Stickers uses unconventional instruments such as a saxophone to add to the abrasiveness of their sound. When asked to describe their sound on on their website, the band says they are simply “four young shredders getting off on the thrash.” One has to agree when listening to their three releases, including their EP Brother Keith, which sounds like a great combination of catchy punk and no wave experimentalism.

    If you are looking for a show that will be as entertaining as it is loud, check out Stickers on Sunday July 27th at the Cha Cha Stage at 4:45 PM! Also stay tuned for the band’s upcoming first album Swollen, which will be released on End of Time Records on August 12th

    To check out their music:


    To see the CHBP Line-up and to buy tickets: 


    Maddie Criglow, Alternative Music Director

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  9. Florida playing a show at @newfrontier lounge tonight! Right before them were Shrews, @comafigura and Milk. #newfrontier #localmusic #tacoma

    Florida playing a show at @newfrontier lounge tonight! Right before them were Shrews, @comafigura and Milk. #newfrontier #localmusic #tacoma

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  10. Tomorrow from 10am to 3pm, KUPS will be holding an Open House for the Summer Reunion Weekend. Welcome back former logger DJs, and come check out the booth! #universityofpugetsound #kups

    Tomorrow from 10am to 3pm, KUPS will be holding an Open House for the Summer Reunion Weekend. Welcome back former logger DJs, and come check out the booth! #universityofpugetsound #kups

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